Family Yoga

Upcoming sessions for you and your family

(mums, dads, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, carers and guardians welcome!)

Please check back for details of upcoming events soon!

Why Family Yoga?

Yoga means union, a coming together, so perfect to experience this as a family unit and create that bonding time together.

During sessions you’ll enjoy:

* energetic and exciting yoga activities to challenge everyone

* partner work to encourage teamwork

* light-hearted meditations and breathing practices to calm the mind and body

*creating a feeling of calm and tranquility that can help adults and children to relax in each other’s presence

* rejuvenating relaxations and fun guided imagery

* the enjoyment of learning together and spending time in each other’s company

You’ll feel rejuvenated, fully stretched, overflowing with love in your hearts, and have a sparkle in your eyes!