Tweens & Teens Classes

Tweens & Teens Yoga

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Why yoga for tweens and teens…

  • It’s fun!
  • Builds strength & flexibility
  • Develops confidence & self esteem
  • Improves balance & coordination
  • Sharpens concentration
  • Sparks creativity & imagination
  • Support better sleep

From help in sports, relationships, the classroom, and the home, yoga continuously supports growth and development. Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, yoga teaches tweens  techniques for coping with the unique issues they’re faced with everyday—insecurity about their changing bodies, the enormous pressure to fit in, stressful schedules, and uncertainty about their beliefs and their futures.

Movement, and therefore yoga, is essential for fast-growing bodies.

The practice of yoga offers adolescents a discipline for discovering who they truly are. Beginning that process at a young age can shape who a tween becomes.

It’s about nourishing their imagination, asking for their insights, and then genuinely listening to what they have to say.