How to bring yoga to your educational facility

  • Well being days – sessions for each class
  • Weekly sessions for nursery & school children (primary & secondary)
  • Yoga sessions for teaching staff & school employees

Workshops for teachers:

6 week courses:

  • Yoga, Movement and Sensory Balancing for Children with Additional Needs
  • Yoga & Relaxation courses/classes for pupils

Why yoga in school?

Physical benefits include greater fitness, improved flexibility for the spine and joints, better posture and improved co-ordination.

Emotionally the right approach can help children to improve their social skills, to discover ways to self calm and relax, which will help them to deal with life’s challenges and get on better with each other.

Educationally the right approach can help children to improve concentration, speaking and listening skills, their writing and even help them to understand complex ideas in interesting and vibrant ways.

The holistic effect of these benefits is to give the child an improved sense of self worth, an increased sense of self esteem and therefore a happier and healthier life.

Suitable from nursery through secondary school, and homeschool groups.

Please contact me to discuss teaching in your establishment.



“Deborah ran a fantastic six-week course for our Year 6 pupils. She gave them a range of different techniques to use, including yoga and breathing, in potentially stressful situations.  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, but more importantly have used the techniques to help themselves remain calm and focused.  Thank you, Deborah, and we will look forward to seeing you in school again soon.”

Headteacher, Moorlands School